What will happen to believers when they pass away?

SHAFAQNA – Sadeer Sairafi narrated: I was with Imam Sadeq (AS) when the topic of discussion was about the believer. Imam (AS) faced me and asked: O’ Aba Fazel, Don’t you want me to talk to you about the position of the believer with God? I replied: Indeed, please do so. Imam Sadeq (AS) said: When God takes away the soul of the believer, the two angels who record all his/her deeds will go to the sky and will say to God: O’ Allah (SWT) , such a person was a good servant of God; always eager to obey God and slack in disobedience.

Now this person has been taken to you, what will be Divine Command? Allah (SWT) will command them (the angels): Return to the earth and sit next to the grave of God’s servant and on his/her behalf praise God, and record these deeds for him/her until I resurrect him/her from the grave [1].

[1] Thawabul A’amaal Wa Eqabul A’amaal, Page 431.

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