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What will happen to good deeds of backbiters according to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: On the Day of Judgment, they will bring a person to God and give his records to him/her, but he/she will not see any of his/her good deeds in it. That person will say: God, This is not my record! Because I cannot see my good deeds in it! That person will be told: Your God does not make mistake nor forgets. Your good deeds have been destroyed because of your backbiting. Then they will bring another person, and give his/her records to him/her, and he/she will see a lot of good deeds in it. He will say: God, this is not my record! Because I have not done these good deeds! He/she will be told: Such a person gossiped about you and I gave his/her good deeds to you [1].

[1] Jame’ul Akhbaar, Page 412.

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