What’s the difference between Salafists and ISIS?

SHAFAQNA – Who are the Kharijites and what do they have to do with IS?

To understand the relationship.between the two, do fathom the contents of the artcle above and my comments below.

We need to understand some history before answering the question.

The Khawarij are people who stand outside mainstream views.

During the nascent period of Islam, the Kharijites emerged during the the first century as an opposing force who refuse to accept the validity of the first three caliphs.

They reject the mainstream traditional views of Islam concerning political succession.

Both Salafists and ISIS are considered Kharijites groups today

Because Salafists – SIS groups separate the shell of the surface from the kernel or substance of Islam, they are being made used by hegemonic secular powers via instigation.

The Salafists and Kharijites are splinter groups: Both are headless horsemen. So is ISIS.

The US State department makes use of such groups to attain certain hegemonic agenda.

The Salafists and Kharijites groups mentioned above are secular in substance.

The Kharijites emerged as Salafis under the banner of the Wahabbi movement a couple of centuries ago.

Wahabbism is secular in substance and has been used by the European secular powers for hegemonic reasons, to secure cheap oil for instance.

In fact, the Salafi Wahabbi movement gained momentum because of support from secular powers right from the beginning when it began its expansion in Arabia.

Salafi ISIS stand outside of mainstream Islam.

By Najman Hussain

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  1. Nasir says:

    Salafist/Wahhabists leader Kalbani admitted on video that ISIS is doing the same thing that their books are saying. They are executing the ideas given in Salafi books. Genocide is the idea and killing of Shias is the top priority. ISIS/AlNusrats/AQ have not fired a single bullet against Israel which implies the obvious. The One eyed monster(totally blind) the Al-sheikh of SA has called the followers of Ahlul Baith(as) non-Muslims and works for Zionists/Wahhabi. They deliberately killed scientists and Ambassadors in 2015 Hajj and let the inured ones die since they were Shias. They follow Shimr and Ibn Ziad. Our Sunni brothers have taken Hadith from Umar ibn Saad ibn Abi Waqqas who killed Imam Husain(as) in Karbala.
    The Salafi/Wahhabi menace was created by West and propagated by petro dollars all over the world and now world is reaping the harvest of killers. Still, support for them is has not stopped and 1.5B deal was recently made to sell tanks to kill more innocents.
    The kharajis killed followers of Ali in the same way as Daesh AlNusrats is killing now. They existed during the time of Prophet(s) and as predict, they will come back again for the last battle. Sufiani is one of them!!


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