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When will the doors of repentance close to the human being?

SHAFAQNA – It has been narrated that: When the time comes for a servant of God to die and all the veils are removed from his/her eyes and becomes certain about death, he/she starts crying and begging the angel of death to give him one more day in order to cry for myself and repent and ask forgiveness from God. The angel of death says: Never, never, your days finished and you have no time left. The person says: Give me one hour, and the answer is: Your hours finished and there is no more. And at that time the doors to repentance are closed to him/her, and the soul is in turmoil and his/her breathing slows down, and sorrow puts pressure on his/her throat and regrets a wasted life [1].

[1] Me’arajal Sa’adah, PP 574-579.

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