Where does Ziarat-e-Arba’een come from?


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that Imam Sadeq (AS) taught the Ziarat-e-Arbaeen to Safwan ibn Mehran (known as Safwan Jammal) and recommended that this Ziarat to be recited on the Day of Arba’een when the sun comes up. This narration has been narrated by Seyyed ibn Tawoos as it was narrated by Safwan. The full text of the Ziarat is in “Eqbaalul Aamaal” by Seyyed ibn Tawoos. The Ziarat-e-Arba’een can also be found in “Almazaarul Kabeer” by Mohammad ibn Jaafar Mash’hadi; in “Almesbah” by Kaf’ami and “Mesbahul Mojtahid” by Sheikh Toosi. In addition, the Ziarat has been mentioned in “Beharul Anwaar, Volume 98” by Allamah Majlesi narrated from “Tahzib” by Shiekh Toosi.


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