Who are the leaders of Muslims after the Prophet (PBUH)?

SHAFAQNA -In Sermon 154 of Nahjul Balaghah, Imam Ali (AS) warned people by saying: “The wise will see the end of the act through the eyes of the heart and will distinguish the highs and the lows. The inviter to the truth, the Prophet (PBUH), has completed his invitation and the Leader of the Ummah (Islamic Nation) rose for the issue of guardianship and to appoint leader for the Ummah. Then, answer the inviter to the truth and obey your leader. Some plunged into the see of sedition, accepted the heresy and left behind the good traditions.

The believers stayed away and the misled and the liars started talking. O’ people, we the Ahlul Bait of the Prophet (PBUH) are like shirt on his body, his true companions, treasurers of knowledge and revelations and doors to these wisdom and no one will enter the houses except through doors and whoever enters in any other way is called a thief. O’ people, holy verses have been sent down in the Quran regarding the Ahlul Bait. They are the treasures of divine knowledge. If they speak, they tell the truth and if they are silent, do not overtake them.”

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