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Who buried the martyrs of Karbala? (Part Three)


When Imam Sajjad (AS) came, he saw Bani Assad gathered around the bodies of the martyrs and confused; they did not know what to do and could not recognise the bodies as the bodies were beheaded. Imam Sajjad (AS) informed them that he had come to bury the bodies. Then, Imam (AS) identified each body with name. When Imam Sajjad (AS) placed the holy body of Imam Hussain (AS) in the grave, put his face on the cut veins and said: Good for a land which embraces your holy body, the world is dark after you, and the hereafter is lit with the light of your beauty.

But it is the sad night of staying awake and everlasting grief, until Allah (SWT) chooses the abode of the hereafter for your family where you are in there. O’ the child of the Prophet of Allah (SWT), the divine greetings, blessings and mercy to you from me, and then wrote on the grave: This is the grave of Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS) who was martyred whilst thirsty and lonely.

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