Who is Ja’far Al-Kazzab (The Liar)?

SHAFAQNA – Fatima, the daughter of Mohammad bin Haytham said: I was in Imam Hadi’s (AS) house, it was the time of the birth of Imam’s child, everyone was happy but Imam Hadi (AS) was not happy at all. I asked Imam (AS): Why you are not happy about the birth of this child? Imam (AS) replied: You will find this later because soon he will mislead a lot of people. That child was Ja’far Al-Kazzab (The Liar) who falsely claimed to be Imam after his brother Imam Hassan Askari (AS). Ja’far knew that the son of his brother Imam Mahdi (AS) is Imam. Ja’far Al-Kazzab misled a group of people by his action [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 50, Page 231.

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