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Who is the best companion?

SHAFAQNA – Abu Hamzah Thomali narrated from Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) who said: In a Torah which has not been distorted or altered, it is mentioned that Prophet Moses/Musa (AS) asked God: O’ God, are you close to me so that I can tell you a secret quietly; or you are away from me, and I have to shout? God replied: O’ Moses, I am the companion of the one who remembers me. Moses (AS) asked: Who is in Your (God’s) protection, when in any day, there is no other protector? God replied: Those who remember Me (God), and I remember them; those who like each other because of Me (God), and I also like them; these are the people who I remember when I want to send a calamity to people of the earth, and for their sake, I remove that calamity from people of the earth [1].

[1] Sokhan-e-Khoda, Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Page 205.

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