Who will remember Bahrain?


SHAFAQNA – If western capitals have gleefully cried genocide over the liberation of Aleppo, calling for the world to salvage its elite insane policy if regime change against sovereign nations, Bahrain’s cries for freedom and democracy have disappeared in the background – drowned by capitalism pragmatism.

Democracy today plays second fiddle to hyper-imperialism – the “last stage of capitalism” as Lenin put it at the turn of the 20th century.

And so one must ask: Who will remember Bahrain?

Since 2011 Bahrainis have kept true to their oath of non-violence … for years al-Khalifa regime has violently cracked down on its people, implacable in its desire to suffocate whoever would defy the enslavement of a nation.

Bahrain stands a nation in shackles. And while the world remains mainly blind to Bahrain’ suffering for Bahrainis belong to a faith which Saudi Arabia ambitions to obliterate, the world has rationalised torture, murder and aggravated human rights violations.

Worse still, western capitals, those very self-proclaimed models of democracy and decency, have aided and abated Bahrain’s monarchy against a people’s call for liberation.


And so again one must ask: Who will remember Bahrain?


Bahrain’s prisons today are loud of the cries of the innocent …

Bahrain’s villages today sit in mourning of their youth, their future …

Bahrainis today stand still in defiance for all other ground was stolen from them …


Bahrain you see is a monarchy, a monarchy the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot afford to lose to democracy if it is to assert and expand its hold over Arabia.

Should Bahrain fall, should Bahrain be liberated from the yoke of Wahhabism, Arabia would learn to think itself free and independent again … communities would reclaim the pluralism they were denied … western capitals would lose their golden goose.


Bahrain of course has not suffered the intolerable cruelty Syria, Yemen and Iraq were made to endure, but it does not make their pain less valid and their cause less righteous.


And so one must ask a final time: Who will remember Bahrain?

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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