Why aiming for the world is not wise?

SHAFAQNA – The one who is looking for the right path must know that it has been narrated: “Those people of the world who aim for this world are among the fools; meaning they are committing foolish act and they are moving against wisdom, logic, evidences, conscience and have no vision.”

When a person who used to talk about God, the Prophet (PBUH) and the hereafter at the start of his/her life, why is it that when he/she uses the tools of this world and finds out about the material enjoyments, suddenly changes the route and turns round 180 degrees and the his/her outlook towards the world changes from tool to aim?

This change, is against wisdom and also the conscious. This case also applies to non-religious people. These people are neglectful even about  what they are witnessing in this world which are based on their consciences; because they all can understand that this world is not worth aiming for.

They do not believe in the creation and the Day of Judgment but they believe in the destruction of this world and can see this with their eyes and feel that every tool will be destroyed in this world and any enjoyment is fading. Therefore, the one who aims for this world even against his/her own conscience, is a fool [1].

[1] Rasa’el Bandegy, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 220.

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