Why believers must always be ready for death?

SHAFAQNA – A pious man went to the Mosque to pray, and the worshippers reconzied him and requested him to advise them after Salaat. He accepted and after Salaat, all the eyes were on him, so he sat on the preaching chamber and started his speech. First, he praised Allah (SWT) and greeted the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and then said: O’ people, any of you who knows that today he will be alive until night time and will not die, please rise. No one stood up, and then he said: Now, any one of you who has prepared himself for death, please rise. Again, no one stood up. The pious man added: It is surprising that none of you is sure about staying, but you are also not ready for going [1] !

[1] Tazkeratul Oulya, Mohammad ibn Ibrahim Attar Neyshabouri.

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