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Why caring about our own deeds is more important than finding faults with others?

SHAFAQNA – The seeker of the truth must be aware and worry about own deeds and make sure they are not corrupted. For example, backbiting can ruin all our efforts, if you backbite, your good deeds for 40 days will be written in the record of deeds of the one who has been backbitten, and if you do not have any good deeds, the sins of that person will be written in your record of deeds. This narration is from infallible. We must pay attention to ourselves and see what we have done, is there no fault with us? God is perfect, and it is impossible that we may be free from any fault. It has been narrated that “how a person can see a small thorn in the eye of his friend but cannot see a branch in his own eye?” This refers to the point that the human being does not see his/her big faults, but can see small faults of others. There is a narration from the infallible which says “prosperous is the one who can see his/her own faults and does not go after finding faults with others [1].”

[1] Shaffaf Website, Explanation by Ayatollah Mojtahedi, 28/03/1394 (18 June 2015).

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