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Why did the Prophet (PBUH) cry?

SHAFAQNA – Martyr Mortaza Motahhari narrated: In the middle of the night, Umm Salameh, the Prophet’s wife noticed that he was not in bed and went searching for him. She saw him standing in a corner with his hands raised towards the sky, crying and saying: O’ God, do not take back all the good things given to me; O’ God, do not allow my enemies and jealous ones to reproach me; O’ God, do not return me to bad things which I have been saved from; O’ God, do not leave me even for a second to myself. When Umm Salameh heard these words started shaking and weeping hard.
The Prophet (PBUH) came to her and asked her, Why are you weeping? She replied: Why shouldn’t I, when you in your position with God, are so fearful, asking God even for a second not to be left to yourself, then what I am supposed to do? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: O’ Salameh, how can I not be worried and be so sure? The prophet Yunus (AS) was left one second to himself and happened to him what it should not have happened [1].

[1] Daastaane Raastaan, page 104.

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