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Why fasting is Wajib in the holy Month of Ramadhan?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Sadeq (AS) was asked about the philosophy behind fasting and he replied: Indeed, Allah (SWT) made fasting Wajib in order to bring equality between the poor and the rich. The rich have never felt the pain of hunger and poverty, and whenever they wish to eat or drink, it is ready for them. Therefore, Allah (SWT) made fasting Wajib to bring equality between God’s rich and poor servants, and both groups to taste the pain of thirst and hunger. The Muslim businessmen feel the hunger and the pain of the poor in order to be kind to them [1]. Imam Hassan Askari (AS) was also asked: Why fasting is Wajib, and he replied: In order that the rich understands the pain of hunger and pay attention to the poor [2].

[1] Man la Yahdhrahul Faqih, Vol. 2, Page 73.

[2] Kafi, Vol. 2, Page 181.

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