Why Halal earning is considered the most important part of the prayers in Islam?

SHAFAQNA – In Islam the most important and superior of the prayers is Halal earning. It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: “Prayers have seventy parts and the highest and the most important part is Halal earning [1].” Some commentators explained that the figure of 70 is the sign of the excess counting in numerical values; meaning if we consider 70 parts to prayers (worship of God), the most important part of the prayers and the servitude of God is Halal earning; because if a person earns in Halal ways, provides the basis for other prayers to be performed in proper manner. If the earnings are in non-Halal ways then other parts of the prayers cannot be carried out in sincere manner in the way of God.

[1] Mostadrakal Wasayel, Mohaddeth Nouri, Vol. 13, Page 12, Hadith 14585.

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