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Why Hillary Clinton’s win will only benefit the Takfiris – by Ali Abbas Taj


SHAFAQNA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD SHIA FORUM – When Hillary Clinton boastfully giggled about Colonel Gaddafi, “We came, we saw, and he died!” she was lying as she has done on countless occasions:

How can we forget the cold blooded murder of Ambassador Stevens by the Takfiri Deobandi and Salafi proxies, which Hillary lied about because these were the same people that were used to take out Gaddafi.

Gaddafi did not die. He was brutally killed thanks to the machinations of a coterie whose proud member Clinton was. One can imagine how heartless she is. Her role in the destruction of Syria is known to all, and she is open about her intention to destroy whatever is left of Syria once she wins the election next week.

Her threats to destroy various countries that come in the way of her obsession to enslave the world are also well-known:

The questions is: Who will benefit from her victory?

Our view is that he victory will only benefit the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, countries that are the worst violators of human rights. From Libya to Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, and Pakistan, they have been instrumental in destroying the cohesiveness of one society after another by promoting and financing the Takfiri brand of Islam by backing Deobandi and Salafi terrorists.

She has been directly and indirectly financed by the likes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia:

Her Clinton Foundation has accepted millions of dollars from Middle Eastern monarchies:

She has never condemned Saudi Arabia or Bahrain for their criminal records against Muslim and non-Muslim minorities in those countries and elsewhere. Many people think that she is supported by the powerful Israeli Lobby in Washington. The truth is that her involvement, if she wins, in the Middle East will only create more hatred of Israel all over the world, and not just in the Middle East.

If she wins, she will be beholden to the Middle East monarchies and the plight of the people in various parts of the world will only worsen. She is set to undermine Russia to the extent where a war with Russia and the United States is a real possibility. Such a war will not be confined to Syria. It will for sure become a world war threatening the entire world including the United states and Israel.

Thus, our position is that Hillary Clinton’s victory will be bad news for the future of the world. Only bloodthirsty Middle Eastern monarchies will be strengthened by her win. We urge the American people to act decisively and vote against her.

By Ali Taj – Editor in Chief of the World Shia Forum

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