Why Imam Hussain (AS) fought against oppression and ignorance?

SHAFAQNA – When wisdom is against ignorance, justice is against oppression; but when justice and oppression merge, naturally ignorance and oppression also merge. An ignorant society is also oppressive, an oppressive society is ignorant. Wherever we see ignorance, we must expect oppression, wherever we see oppression, its origin is ignorance. The movement of Imam Hussain (AS) fought the ignorance of Omayyads, and also aimed at making the society wise, which is in coordination with justice. From one side, Imam Hussain (AS) commanded virtue, in order to make people wise and just, invited them to border of justice and wisdom; to learn the geometry of justice and the architecture of wisdom. And from another side Imam Hussain (AS) fought to save people from ignorance, to save them from oppression, to save them from the problem of oppression, to save them from the disorder (confusion) in their belief which is the same as ignorance and oppression in belief [1].

[1] Parts of speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, Amol, 01/03/2005.

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