Why it is difficult to purify the corrupt soul?

SHAFAQNA – Even after repenting, that pure inherent light  and the spiritual purity do not remain with the repentant person. If a page of paper is blackened and it is decided to bring it back to its original shine, of course it cannot be done, or to repair a broken dish, it is difficult to bring it back to its original shape. There are a lot of differences between a friend who behaves with sincerity throughout the life with the one who betrays and then tries to bring excuses. Also not many can carry out the duties of repenting properly. Therefore, as far as possible the human being must not enter into the sins and disobedience because correcting the soul is difficult. And if God forbid, a problem appeared, must cure it as soon as possible because the small corruption can be corrected soon and also the quality of the correction is also increased [1].

[1] Chehel Hadith, Imam Khomeini (RA), Page 274.

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