Why it is important to enjoy prayers?

SHAFAQNA – Human’s soul is very delicate and shows reaction quickly. If human being for a purpose, exerts pressure on his/her own soul, a reaction which is typical of the soul of the human, i.e., escape and evasion, takes place.

For example the Prophet (PBUH) instructed to do the prayers as much as for the soul to enjoy it, meaning to perform prayers with enthusiasm. When you perform prayers, perform Salaat, perform recommended prayers, recite Quran and stay awake, when you feel that the prayers is becoming difficult and heavy, meaning you are forcing yourself; said: It is enough, do not force the prayers on you.

When you force it, your soul gradually will evade the prayers, and it is like you give the prayers to it as a medicine. In that situation, a bad memory of the prayers will be formed for ever. Always try to enjoy the prayers and your soul has a good memory of it [1].

[1] Martyr Mortaza Motahhari’s Book Collection, Vol. 16, Page 157.

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