Why keeping secret is important?

SHAFAQNA – Keeping secret is in two kinds: Keeping your own and the secret of other people. The secret of other people can also be in two forms; either they are related to their faults or their materialistic and spiritual achievements. Revealing others faults according to Islam is forbidden. But revealing their achievements if causes distress, again according to Islam and wisdom is forbidden. It has been mentioned in narrations that words exchanged between two people, is private and confidential and if either of them reveals it, is considered as betrayal.

Personal secret is also in two forms; either the secret is related to achievements or is about failure and problems. Revealing the achievements can cause jealousy and create expectation by greedy people. On the other hand revealing problems or failures in life to others can bring blames from other, happiness for enemies, sorrow for friends and losing dignity among superficial observer or ignorant people [1].

[1] M’arajul Sa’aadah, Pages 451-453.

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