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Why one must not be deceived by worldly enjoyments?

SHAFAQNA – In Hadith (narration) of Meraj, Allah (SWT) revealed to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH): Avoid being like a child who when looks at the green and the yellow likes them (the child likes coloured things, and becomes happy when sees colourful things), and is deceived when a sweet or sour things is given to him/her [1]. (And when a chocolate is given to a child is deceived and goes astray), this narration simply and beautifully illustrates the spirit of a child. The child’s wisdom is not complete, only the forces of desire and anger exist in a child. Meaning, in fact the child is like an animal who potentially can become a complete person. Therefore, do not be like a child who is deceived by the green and the yellow of the world, in a way that they become a target and you find love for them [2]

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 74, Page 22.

[2] Rasa’ele Bandegy, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Page 81.

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