Why purification of soul is essential?

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Bahaudini: If the soul is in the hell like condition, the results are all the mischief which have been witnessed since the start of the creation. Wickedness belongs to the human being, at the large scale belongs to the arrogant forces of the world and at smaller scale belongs to us (people). We are also not far from the fire.

If you want the eyes, ears and hands to be reformed, then the source of the fire which is the soul of the human being, must be corrected. If this source of command (the soul) is corrected then no evil command will be issued from there. The eyes and the ears of the human being will obey God. The source of all disorders which different parts of the human body suffer from is due to the malfunctioning of the soul [1].

[1] Sayri dar Afaaq, Hassan Haidari, Page 303.

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