Why repenting is easier for young people?

SHAFAQNA – Repenting is easier for young people and the correction of the soul and education of the inner self can be faster for them. The soul of the young is delicate and flexible and unlike the older people, there is not as much love for the soul and the world in young people. The young can in relative ease get rid of the corrupt soul and engage in spirituality/morality. The extent with which the young people are effected in ethical and preaching sessions, old people do not [1]. The young people should value their time whilst they are young and make sure this great blessing is not neglected because correcting the soul in old age is very difficult [2].

[1] Va’adeye Didar, Letter dated 27/04/1982.
[2] Sharhe Hadith Jonood wa Jahl, Imam Khomeine (RA), Page 345.

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