Why self-improvement at young age is so important?

SHAFAQNA – Islam and all its teachings are there to reform and improve the individual. If you are reformed, everything else will be reformed; and if you are corrupt, then everything else will be corrupted. Try to rectify the ruins, you do not need to build, stop ruining (the Grand Ayatollah Bahauddini) [1]. In every moment of life, the human being must think about self-improvement. Of course the young age is a time which must not be forgotten and must not be lost easily. Because at this time, the soul is more able and the human’s abilities are more complete (the Grand Ayatollah Bahauddini) [2].

[1] Nardebane Aseman, Akbar asadi, page 239.
[2] Soluke Manavi, As above, Page 152.

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