Why teaching children correctly by parents is so important in Islam?

SHAFAQNA – Proper teaching of children by parents can have significant effects in their present and future life. There are various verses in the holy Quran as well as narrations which have mentioned about the correct ways of educating children in the family. For example, Ayah 58 of Surah Al-Noor says: O’ you who believe, those whom your right hands control and those who have not reached puberty, must ask your permission on 3 occasions; before Fajr Salaat, when you take off your clothes at noon and after the late evening Salaat. You have 3 times for privacy. There is no objection for you or for them outside these times as they move around you so some of you may wait on others. Thus God explains signs to you, God is aware, wise. It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Swear to the one whom my life is from, if a man and his wife are in bed and a child is awake and see them and hear the sound of their breaths, never will be saved, be it a girl or boy will become adulterers [1].

[1] Kafi, Vol. 5, page 500.

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