Why the Night of Qadr is hidden?

SHAFAQNA – According to narrations, one of the nights before 19th, 21st or 23rd is the night of Qadr (night of destiny). It is mentioned in the narrations that the destiny is set in the night before 19th, then it is confirmed the night before 21st and then it is signed and sealed the night before 23rd of Ramadhan [1].

Sheikh Abbas Qomi believed the reason that the Night of Qadr has not been defined clearly is that for the believers to find the chance to maximise the benefits they receive from special prayers of these few nights [2]. There is no doubt that by the order of Allah (SWT), the angels and spirit will descent to the earth and Imam Mahdi (AJ) on the Night of Qadr, as mentioned in Ayah 4 of Surah Al-Qadr [3]. Therefore Lailatul Qadr or the Night of Qadr (the night of destiny) is a unique time and opportunity for all believers.

[1] Tafseer Almizan, Allamah Tabatabei, Vol. 20, page 769.
[2] Mafatihul Janan, Sheikh abbas Qomi, Page 411.
[3] Ayah 4, Surah Al-Qadr.

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