Why understanding the messeges of the Quran so important?

SHAFAQNA – Pondering or “Tadabbor” has been mentioned four times in the holy Quran, in three of them; Ayah 82, Surah Al-Nesa; Ayah 68, Surah Al-Momenoon; Ayah 24, Surah Al-Mohammad, Quran invites the reciters to ponder over the aims of its messages and in a way, a kind of warning is given as why some do not ponder over the meanings of the holy Quran.

The fourth time “Tadabbor” is mentioned in Ayah 29 of Surah Al-Saad, saying: We have sent down a Book to you that is blessed, so prudent ones may ponder over its verses  and take heed. In this Ayah, the blessed contents of the Quran is referred to, so that by pondering over its verses one can benefit from its magnificent blessings. The Almighty states the main aim of sending Quran as pondering and taking lessons by the mankind.

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