Why we need God?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Hussain (AS) was asked: How did you manage to live out the night until morning? Imam (AS) replied: Whilst I see the observant God over my head, and the hell fire in front of me, and death is looking for me, and the Divine Reckoning has surrounded me, and in such a day I am held (or my soul is held) in pledge of my own deeds; I can neither find what I like, nor to get rid of what I do not like; and all affairs are in the hands of (under the control of) another being (Allah (SWT)). If that being (God) wishes, can punish me, and if wishes can forgive me. Therefore, a poor and needful person like me does not need God [1]?

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 75, Page 113.

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