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World Happy, Yemen Bloody

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SHAFAQNA- #World_Happy_Yemen_Bloody” hashtag in support of Yemenis people has gone viral on Twitter in first days of new year, in the wake of Yemen civil war.

While The world is celebrating the new Christian Year , Yemen’s nation is suffering due to siege,murder,starvation.

Supporters took to social media to post pictures of suffer of Yemenis including women and children expressing their solidarity with the Yemenis and slamming Saudi-led coalition and U.S for killing civilian.

“U.S. people celebrated Christmas day but Yemeni people even been killed in the Christmas day by Saudi coalition” one Twitter post said.

“How long have children been military targets? How long have markets, roads and buses been military targets? Only during the time of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen”, another user declared.

“  While the world were happy in Christmas day, the Yemeni society were sad.” the post reads.

One posted a video and said “watch killing of children and women in Yemen”.

(The video contains sorrowful scenes)

Saudi Arabia and its allies have been waging a ruinous war on neighboring Yemen for four years, with support from the United States. Armed with powerful fighter jets and warships, the Saudi-led coalition has employed tactics that minimize risk to its troops. But it has killed thousands of civilians and dealt a crushing blow to Yemen’s fragile economy, nytimes reported.

At least 130 civilians were killed in September 2015 when the coalition bombed a wedding reception near Mokha, Yemen.

The Saudi coalition dropped American-made bombs on a funeral near Sana in October 2016, killing 155 civilians.

The Saudi-led coalition bombed a school bus carrying children in August 2018. CNN reported that the bomb was American-made. Forty-four children and 10 adults were killed. The youngest child was 6.

These strikes are part of the broader Saudi-led air war that has killed over 4,600 civilians in Yemen since 2015.

The Saudis and their chief ally, the United Arab Emirates, fight principally from the air. Armed with American-made warplanes and bombs, they have carried out thousands of airstrikes on Houthi targets but also on hospitals, weddings and funerals.

The United States backed the coalition from the start with sales of weapons and bombs, midair refueling of warplanes over Yemen, and intelligence.

Mr. Trump said he did not want to lose the benefit of multibillion-dollar arms sales for the American economy. But the war was ravaging the economy of Yemen.

Yemen’s agriculture cannot support the population so reliance on imports is high: About 70 percent of food is imported. As the war continued, the coalition imposed blockades and restrictions.

The United Nations estimates that 16 million Yemenis, over half the population, are seriously food deficient — despite international humanitarian assistance.


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