World Premiere of American Hussaini to Take Place in the Islamic Republic of Iran

SHAFAQNA – By the grace, blessings, and permission of Allah and his holy awliya and hujjat (proof) Imam Ali al-Ridha (as), American Hussaini has been approved as an official selection of the 1st annual Masir-e-Eshgh International Film Festival, which translates from Farsi to Journey of Love.

The film to be shown is a special director’s cut made specifically for film festivals. It is 3 hours long and deals specifically with my journey to Iraq for Arbaeen in 2015 and the backstory that puts it all into context. For a more expanded backstory, the American Hussaini documentary series is available online on YouTube and ShiaTV. For the sake of time, the special director’s cut goes from after I accept Islam and discover Ahlul Bayt (as), which led me to travel to Karbala, Iraq.

According to Fars News Agency, the first simultaneous international film and photo festival of the Journey of Love centered on the Arbaeen Pilgrimage in Iraq and the martyrdom of Imam Ridha (as) in Iran will be held in the holy cities of Mashhad, Iran and Karbala, Iraq from October 23-27.

In addition, the festival’s public relations has made the following announcement:

“Indeed the grand pilgrimage of Arbaeen is a glorious gathering by followers of Ahlebait (the Prophet Muhammad’s progeny) and seekers of justice and righteousness, which reveals the true face of Islam in the face of relentless Zionist propaganda and Islamophobia throughout the world.

In this regard the first international film and photo festival of “the Journey of Love” aims to create a platform for pious artists and filmmakers to present their works in service and allegiance to Ahlebait and enrich these historic events even further.”

The festival’s English language website can be found here.


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