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Why the world seekers cannot achieve spiritual accomplishment?

SHAFAQNA – The human being is the only creature where there is no limit to his/her development; meaning that there is nothing to stop the human being to go further if in the path to (spiritual) accomplishment he/she reaches a certain level. Now if a person’s target is (life’s) pleasures, then such a person is a limited human being, and his/her love for those things stops him/her from the limitless development of the human being. Thus, the human being who could develop/progress; has stopped and is lost. On the other hand, the human being’s movement on this path is a meaningless circular movement. Loving a limited thing, limits the human being and the enjoyments will also be limited, and not only will never fulfil the human being, but also will cause stagnation and waste the human reality of the person. Therefore, attachment to and loving these (types of) enjoyments ruins human being’s move towards accomplishment, and prevents his/her gradual move towards (spiritual) accomplishment [1].

[1] Rasael-e-Bandegy, Resaleyeh Dovvom, Hobbe be Donya, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani.

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