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Global Vision 2000 the International Islamic thinktank held an one day thinktank event in London on World War 3 scenarios and the future of humanity and the planet. This was a launching of it’s ground breaking work on eschatology in the 21st century within the framework of interfaith and comparative perspectives.

 Muslim, Christian, Jewish and secular experts coming from multidisciplinary perspectives especially global political economy, geopolitics, history and theology presented their research. There were 3 sessions on the themes of Cycles of history, Rise and Fall of Zionism and a special focus on the interconnectivity and synthesis of Christian and Islamic eschatology.   The main speakers were  Dr. Yaqub Zaki, Philip Bree, Clive Menzies,  David Triggs, Gilad Atzmon, Dr.James Thring,  Rachel Searle, Daud Pidcock and Dr.Simon Mouatt.

Dr.Zaki argued that global Islamic civilization was being framed as a perpetual irreconcilable enemy of the West and pointed to Huntingdon as the harbinger of the Armageddon. He warned the arrogant triumphant West that Islam is a resilient,  self renewing civilization and as  a messianic faith it is invincible as it’s adherents see themselves as servants of history. Philip Bree claimed in Countdown to WW3 that the USA and its allies want a war with the rival Chinese-Russian-Iranian axis. Clive Menzies stated the world is ruled by corporate fascism which foments fears and conflicts and was promoting civil wars. David Triggs highlighted trade wars creating chaos, stagnation and depression as in the interwar period.  Gilad Atzmon said that ww3 has already broken out but is manifested by the rise of nationalisms.  Dr.James Thring exposed the Zionist military strategy inclusive of its control of  cyberwarfare. He warned of an Israeli false flag terror against Iran triggering ww3 by involving all the superpowers leading to their destruction.  Rachel Searle advocated Jerusalem becoming an unified internationalized city freed from Zionist Israeli occupation.

Daud Pidcock stated all the chaos in the Middle East stems from WW1 to this day. The Muslims need to prepare for the coming of the Imam Mahdi of liberation and universal justice. Dr.Simon Mouatt reviewed Christian Millenialism views and believed Christian Zionism was attempting to hijack Christianity and underwriting Zionism. He suggested other interpretations which opens the door for a synthesis of Islamic and Christian eschatologies as there is a common belief in the second coming of Jesus. In Islamic eschatology there is an Unity of will, vision and action between Imam Mahdi and Jesus.

Moeen Yaseen the Director of Global Vision 2000 stated that it is clear that we can not view contemporary global trends and developments except from an eschatological perspective. The time has come to engage with  leaders in the Muslim world as we are in a state of emergency and have to prepare to meet the trials and tribulations confronting us.


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