World’s oldest Quran at Tubingen university + link to all pages

Shafaqna – World’s oldest Quran at Tubingen university + link to all pages

Scholars at the University of Tübingen in Germany believe that they have found world oldest manuscript of the Holy Qur’an at the library of this university. They have announced that this Quran has been written in the period  of 649-675 AD or in fact between 20 and 40 years after the demise of prophet muhamamd (PBH).


This Holy Qoran may be linked to Imam Ali

According to an article written by Rahat Husain on Communities Digital News website, “the copy of the Quran, dubbed Ma VI 165 by scientists, appears in the famous “Kufic script”, popularized by Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib who moved the center of the Islamic government to Kufa in the after being elected as “Caliph” in 656 AD. The manuscript “with a 95.4% statistical probability can be dated to the period between Ad 649 -675,” according to Medieval Histories Magazine”.


He added “The timeline for when the manuscript was created, coupled with the fact that Imam Ali was one of the few early Muslims that was literate, lends strongly to the notion that this manuscript is linked to the Imam. The theory is bolstered by the fact that of the first several Muslim leaders after the death of Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali was the only one who had memorized the Quran in its entirety and became a “Hafiz.”

The author states that  “That the manuscript is on a high quality parchment that has survived for more than 1,339 years – with minimal preservation methods employed, further indicates that the document was created for official purposes, perhaps in relation to the work of Imam Ali’s Islamic government. Imam Ali is viewed by Shiite Muslims as the true successor to Prophet Muhammad, and the first in a line of holy leaders tasked with bringing justice to the world. For Sunni Muslims, Imam Ali is revered as the fourth and final “righteous” Caliph”.

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