Worshipping world will cause the human being to abandon wisdom and religious law

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – If a person’s heart is totaly captured by the worldly desires and those desires dominate him/her, then he/she will not recognise any boundaries to get to those desires. In a simple explanation, if a person falls in love, then he/she will do anything for his/her love; meaning he/she will not abide by any boundaries or laws. In this way a person’s bad deeds do not mean anything to him/her and the wisdom is not capable of stopping the person from committing those bad deeds. This type of person who is the servant of the world and does not recognise any boundaries for his/her desires, will not be able to distinguish between Halal and Haram set by Sharia law [1].

[1] Rasa’el Bandegy (Farsi Edition) by Ayatollah Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 106.


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