Date :Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 | Time : 04:35 |ID: 17763 | Print Pelosi: My neighbor owns Nationals

SHAFAQNA – Nancy Pelosi name-dropped her neighbors Wednesday, and critics were quick to paint he words as an “out of touch” moment. As the House Democratic Leader was walking out of her weekly press conference, a reporter asked a question about her baseball picks. She’s an avid sports fan, and as a Baltimore native and California congresswoman, she frequently mentions her allegiance to both the San Francisco Giants and the Baltimore Orioles. “My father brought the Orioles to Baltimore,” she said. “My next door neighbor owns the Nationals. So…there’s a lot of good teams.” This aside came after she criticized Republicans for not focusing on jobs, raising the minimum wage, or fighting for equal pay. In an email blast, the National Republican Congressional Committee took a jab at Pelosi, saying “Nothing says ‘Middle Class Jumpstart’ like bragging that your neighbor is the owner of the Nationals. Amirite?” On Twitter, some noted similar statements by Republicans, like when Mitt Romney said in 2012 that owners of two NFL teams were his “good friends” and characterized some NASCAR team owners as “great friends.”


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