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Writing a faith out of death’s throes – Shia Islam shall be silent no more …

SHAFAQNA – How do you speak a pain and struggle which roots stretch back centuries? How do you put down on paper the pain of a people whose birthright has been martyrdom, for their beliefs, their traditions, and the very nature of their faith has set its communities in defiance of tyrants?

Such has been the fate of Shia Muslims… Such of late, has been the fate of all religious communities existing under the diktat of Saudi Arabia’s dogmatism.

How do you speak genocide to those for whom our lives have become so cheap that we may as well be invisible … And yet we are not?

Shia Islam is all of its people, all of its differences, and indeed all we see, and have seen for many great centuries has been beauty as we have held to our oath beyond all manners of oppression.

A people in rejection – Shia Muslims have stood in rejection of tyranny, rejection of infamy, rejection of exclusionism, rejection of authoritarianism, rejection of oppression, rejection of those agendas that promote the negation of communities’ rights to exist within their own traditions, and within their own faith.

Such resistance has been met time and time by savage brutality.

Such commitment to Justice has been met time and time again by the abominable and the unpalatable.

Today, systematic oppression has turned genocidal and silence can no longer hold.

Shia Muslims have been earmarked for annihilation, and their places of worship tore down to rubbles so that their voices could be forever disappeared.

Accused of those crimes their persecutors have committed against them, Shia Muslims have lived under misapprehension for far too long … Truth at last must be spoken out.

Before centuries spent under the blade of sectarian fanaticism and intolerance, Shia Islam will now meet every display of violence, to better denounce the injustice its communities have suffered.

Silence will no longer be the shroud beneath which Shia Islam has been sentenced to whither away … Resistance today is to speak injustice out loud and demand just reparation.

Labelled apostate, heretics, rejectionists of Islam and devil worshippers by those very powers which define themselves in hatred and exclusion, Shia Muslims have suffered the villainy that is sectarian hatred more than any other religious community throughout history … And yet our plight has been denied and negated.

No more!

It is to anchor resistance against sectarian exclusionism that the Baqee Organisation is taking its fight to the United Nations. Ignorance will no longer be the weapon of tyrants.

And since there can never be better weapon than that of the rule of  law to wash away the abomination of organized sectarianism, the Baqee Organization will combat anti-Shiism – and to a greater extent sectarian-based fanaticism in general by exposing the many grave abuses Muslims have suffered by the hands of Saudi Arabia while on their pilgrimage.

If such step may appear small before the magnitude of the task – Shia Muslims and other religious minorities have indeed been persecuted to sickening levels, such efforts will allow awareness to be raised and Saudi Arabia’s brutality expose down to the nature of its very system of governance.

“We are compiling reports of discrimination and other difficulties encountered by pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia for Haj or other worship.  Have you experienced harassment, verbal or physical abuse, or any other mistreatment while visiting holy sites in Saudi Arabia? Have you witnessed or heard about such incidents?” Baqee Organization

Events in Awamiyah this May only serve to highlight the urgency of the situation.

Idleness has been all of our downfall, and we can no longer afford to sit on the sideline hoping violence will stop at our door if we withdraw further enough into silence.

“ The Value of a man depends upon his courage; his veracity depends upon his self-respect and his chastity depends upon his sense of honor.” Imam Ali

By Catherine Shakdam for the Baqee Org.


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