Yedioth Ahrnoth, Israeli military analyst: Palestinian resistance did what Arab armies could not do

SHAFAQNA- A military analyst for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahrnoth has said that what the Palestinian resistance did to Israel during the current war three Arab armies failed to do in the past.

In an interview with the Israeli Radio Reshet Bet, Ron ben-Yishai said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad did what the “Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian armies” could not do in their wars with Israel.

Ben-Yishai said that during the Israeli wars with those armies, Israel was not dragged to a campaign of attrition because the battlefields were not inside the country, whereas the Palestinian resistance succeeded to move the battle inside Israel.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, he pointed out, succeeded to exhaust the Israeli army first, and the Israeli people to secondly. In previous wars with the Egyptian army, no Israeli left his house, whereas in this war with Gaza, thousands have fled their houses.

He continued: “All the Kibbutzim around the Gaza Strip are empty because of the Palestinian missiles and rockets did not stop.”

The analyst noted that this war needs a new military and political study, away from the [verbal] threats made by the Israeli leaders.


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