Yemen: Children murdered by Saudi coalition amid damning UN report

SHAFAQNA – An official report published by the Future of Justice – Yemen’s first Shia Twelver political faction confirmed this Friday that around 2 am, the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the USA and the UK, proved oblivious to humanitarian and international law when they targeted a well-known residential area in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

A house located in Faj Attan  – West neighbourhood of Sana’a, was directly hit by the raid. All residents were killed – mostly women and children.

The very neighbourhood has suffered many atrocities since the beginning of the war  – March 2015, as the Saudi war coalition has made a point at levelling down the area, no matter how many  deaths would ensue as a result.

In late April 2015, 300 people were killed and hundreds others another injured in such an air raid, leaving over 100 houses in rubles.

Such violence comes on the back of damning reports from the international community and various experts that Saudi Arabia has committed aggravated war crimes in Yemen without so much an attempt to curb the trend.


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