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Yemen Clerics: The Normalization of relations with Israel is betrayal of God, Prophet and Martyrs

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SHAFAQNAYemen clerics condemned what some Arab states are doing of secret and public normalization relations with Israel, pointing out that this normalization is the implementation of the so-called “deal of the century.”
The clerics stressed in a statement issued at the end of the expanded meeting that entitled as “The position of Yemeni scientists on the normalization and escalation in Palestine and Yemen” on the inviolability of normalization with Israel, pointing out that it is a betrayal of Allah and Prophet and the souls of martyrs who died in the path of God, And in order to retake the usurped land, LuaLuatv reported.
The Yemeni clerics  stressed in the statement on the centrality of the Palestinian cause and priorities in the attention of the Arab and Islamic nation. They praised the heroic role of the Palestinian resistance movements against Israel.
They also emphasised for unity and joint jihad action, the establishment of Arab and Islamic countries and peoples and in front of scientists and politicians with legitimate responsibility, patriotism and humanity until the liberation of the entire Palestinian Arab land.
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