Yemen Houthis retaliate against Saudi Arabia – Najran falls under fire VIDEO

SHAFAQNA – Following two days of an intense air campaign against north Yemen, which campaign forced hundred of thousands of civilians to flee their homes in fear for their life, the Houthis have retaliated against Saudi Arabia by targeting its cities.
The southern Saudi province of Najran was bombed by the Houthis  – missiles – for the fourth time in less than a week. Several Houthi militants also managed to infiltrate the province and targeted several state interests.
A military expert told Shafaqna the move clearly aims to send a message to Riyadh that Yemen would not go down without a fight. “Saudi Arabia has thoroughly underestimated the Yemeni people. We have endured more than our fair share of difficulties over the decades and our boys are tough. Our boys are resilient and animated of a fire the Saudis will burn themselves on,” said retired Colonel Hani Al Ansi.
He added, “Najran is Yemeni land. Maybe it is time we take back what is ours. Yemen has not yet sung its last song.”

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