Yemen is living on a prayer – How Sana’a is praying for salvation in the darkness of war

SHAFAQNA – For three weeks now Saudi Arabia and both its Western and Arab allies have waged war at Yemen, the poorest nation of the Arabian Peninsula. Once known as Arabia Felix – the Happy Arabia, Yemen’s smile has disappeared under the cries of mothers in mourning.
As hundreds of Yemen’ sons and daughters have fallen dead, stroke in their sleep by the evil of war, robbed of a future they imagine brilliant under the blue sky of Arabia, Yemen stands in mourning, its pain too deep for words to express, its sorrow too vast to be measured, its anger too violent to be contained any longer.
For every new bomb the Coalition drops on Yemen, Yemenis’ determination is rising stronger still.

And though Yemen continues to burn, its people are refusing to admit defeat, determined to stand tall before oppression and show the world what it means to resist.

“They might kill us but they will never break us,” a Houthi fighter in Sana’a told Shafaqna.
Resilient in their faith, Yemenis have turned to prayers to assuage their fears and steady their hearts.Imam Abdullah Hussain in Sana’a said Yemenis need to draw strength from Imam Ali (AS) and his blessed sons, Imam Hussain (AS) and Imam Hassan (AS) and follow in their examples.
“It is in time suhc as these that we need to hold on to Islam!” said the imam.

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