Date :Thursday, March 10th, 2016 | Time : 13:57 |ID: 30220 | Print

Yemen is making its case before the UNHRC

SHAFAQNA – Yemen this Thursday will present its case before the UNHCR, and demand that the many war crimes which were committed against its land, and against its people be addressed.

At war with Saudi Arabia and the coalition it gathered, Yemen has suffered a million deaths, abandoned by a world community which has cared little for its people welfare and safety.

For almost a year Yemen has suffered under a air raid as relentless as it has been destructive and deadly. Over 10 000 have died already … a number the UN has yet to come to terms with, as its officials have preferred to quote more conservative figures: 6 000 dead.

Today Yemen is having its hour under the spotlight. Today Yemen will raise its voice and denounce those who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Today Yemen is reclaiming the voice world powers attempted to forever silence.

Today Yemen is standing upright for its people and its land!



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