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Yemen needs help this Ramadan – #saveyemen4ramadan

SHAFAQNA – Ramadan is almost here … For Yemen though the holy month of Ramadan will bring little joy, safe maybe from the hope that war will silence its canons, and allow for a people to remember what peace feels and looks like.

Torn apart by the vengeful wrath of tyrants Yemen has been made to endure endless tortures and humiliations – starved, burnt, pillaged and raided, Yemen has been sullied and soiled by those who seek only destruction and blind vengeance.

Do not become a bystander to Yemen’s agony!

Do not allow for prejudice and bias to close your heart and turn away from Yemen, and its people.

Poverty has been an engineered cursed on the Yemeni people – change lies with you. You have the power to feed and rise Yemen out of abject misery.

As you prepare for Ramadan, we urge you to remember the blessings which come with charity.

We urge you to remember those who can no longer help themselves!

We urge you to remember those who remain shackled by war, hunger and disease … We urge to remember your humanity, and spare Yemen the indignity of starvation.

Yemen cannot make it alone … and since all have turned away, we call on you to stand for your kin!

Do not deny others what you would not for yourself, and do onto Yemen what you would want others to do onto you in your hour of need.

Our quality, our faith, and our true courage, will ultimately be defined by those we will stand by, and fight for.

Save Yemen this Ramadan – Join the Mona Relief Organization and push back against the humanitarian blockade.





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