Yemen Reconstruction Fund launches fundraiser


SHAFAQNA – Promoted and managed by Veritas-Consulting, Yemen Reconstruction Fund has launched its first official fundraising campaign.

Faced with a debilitating humanitarian crisis and the disappearing of its state institutions, notwithstanding Saudi Arabia’s perpetual erosion of Yemen’s religious traditions, a group of activists, Middle-Eastern experts and philanthropists have partnered up in order to push back.

Sheba for Democracy and Human  Rights and Kim Sharif from Human Rights for Yemen have already joined  Yemen Reconstruction Fund by opening their network and expertise.

Yemen Reconstruction is in the process of negotiating a long-term partnership contract with Khalsa Aid and Al Khair Foundation to provide aid relief on the ground, in those communities made most remote by the furore of war.

This April Yemen Reconstruction Fund was endorsed by Al-Islam.Org – AhlulBayt Digital Islamic Library Project, Norwegian Oil and Energy Solutions AS (NOES AS),  the #Shiawarma Show, Pure-Stream Media, Islamic Pulse,  Open Sources Middle East, and Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan.

The idea is rather simple – raise money globally to then allocate to those NGOs and charitable endeavours on the ground that most deserve it.

Under immense pressure from the international community and a litany of restrictions (whether financial, political or humanitarian) Yemen has had to contend with public apathy.

Yemen Reconstruction Fund is now looking to change those dynamics, lift local NGOs financial burden by acting a patron and promoter. Rather than waste resources through fragmentation the goal is to create a powerful social and humanitarian network that will empower local communities in a manner that best fit their needs.

Yemen deserves much more than our silence! We owe a people the right to a better future!

Of Yemen 26 million people over 20 million are in need of urgent humanitarian aid, over 3 million have been displaced and tens of thousands have been injured … to this tragic tally one needs to consider the loss of innocent lives: over 15,000 according to a research conducted by the Veritas Centre for Strategic Studies.

Yemen’s future will continue to be marred by tragedy unless we all rally around its people. And while many will argue that the task is too grand for anyone to hope make a difference, one would argue that it is exactly because the task appears insurmountable that we ought to act.

The real tragedy would be to allow for a people to disappear to the radicalism of war for it dared rise up against oppression.

When #NationBuilding becomes humanitarianism



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