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Yemen: We target the bases of aggressive countries

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SHAFAQNA- “Yemeni strikes which is planned to be increased within two months, will target the bases of aggressive countries”, Abdullah Salam Al-Hakimi, a diplomat in Yemen foreign ministry said.

“We have resisted for four years and now our military forces, weapons are developing and become stronger. Saudi and UAE aggressors led by US cannot end the war because their economic and military positions are become weak and their allies withdraw from the war”, Al-Hakimi told Mehr news agency.

“If the Saudi coalition and its allies don’t participate in peace talks, Yemeni people and Military forces would target the oil facilities and other important bases in their cities and capitals, and they would attract other countries attention to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen due to Saudi and UAE interference”, he said, adding that according to international and humanitarian laws such an action is our right and we will act within two months.

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