Yemeni activists warn against ethnic cleansing in Sa’ada – Zaidi Muslims under attack

SHAFAQNA  – Yemeni activists and medical sources in the northern province of Sa’ada have confirmed that over 400 civilians, among which many women and chidlren were killed overnight, following a violent and relentless air campaign.
Keen to prove it remains in control in Yemen, Saudi Arabia order its Coalition to pound north Yemen from the air, restricting its strikes to areas it knows to be home to large Zaidi communities.
Several rights activists in Sa’ada have warned that under the guise of liberating Yemen, the Saudis are really staging a massive ethnic cleansing campaign against all Zaidi Muslims, hoping to re-engineet the religious make-up of Yemen through bloodshed and violence.
“While the UN and western powers continue to support Saudi Arabia’s unlawful aggression of Yemen, Zaidi Muslims are dying in their hundreds. This is clearly an ethnic cleansing and yet no one is saying anything. We live in a world ruled by hypocrosy. Yemen religious heritage has become a target …. civilians are dying in the most horrendous ways imaginable while the world remains silent.This is despicable. Shame on the world for looking on!” said Hussain Abu Salem.

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