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Yemeni journalist warns against KSA exploitation of Terror

SHAFAQNA – In the early hours of June 7th, the Islamic world woke up to news of a twin terror attack in Iran. The attack led to the death of 16 people.

Could Iran be the next Yemen?

Iran revolutionary guards cords appeared to blame Saudi Arabia though Daesh claimed responsibility for the terror attacks. I say they were right on this but not enough – Iran should do more than just blame.

Iran should be wary of these attacks,  and should take them as a prelude for military intervention.

Some political analysts agree with  Tehran  when it blamed Riyadh, since this country is well known for attacking Shia’s shrines as a result of its channels propaganda war campaigns (Wesal and Safa Arabic Tvs)  where it always infidelitise   Zaids and Shia Muslims  considering visit Shrines is a  blasphemy.

Saudi Arabia attacked many shrines in Yemen after waging its war on Yemen late March 2015 just aftermath of its failing targeting Shrines in Saada as it succeeded in killing   Zaidism scholar Dr. Mortdha Al Muhatwari in Sana’a terror attack at Badr mosque on Friday , March ,2015.

On May 8, 2015, Almasirah Arabic TV shared video  footages for  Saudi jets raided Houthis founder Husian Al Houthi Shrine  in Maran, Saadah by 14 strike on one day.

Later on, Houthi sources said the body of the founder was taken from the shrine on he first days of Saudi war on Yemen as Abdulamlik Al Houthi ordered them. Another Houthi  fighter talked to me in 2015 commenting on this attack, he said ” I swear will won’t re  bury the body of Sayyid Husain Al Houthi  in Marran , Al Saud must know we will dig another grave for him near Prophet Mohammed grave in Madinah” That’s it.

Just one day later, Saudi jets targeted the surroundings of Al Imam Al Hadi Yahya  mosque in Sadaa city. Al Hadi ila’l-Haqq Yahya (859 – August 19, 911) was a religious leader on the Arabian Peninsula to be the first  Zaydiyya imam who ruled over portions of Yemen, in 897-911, and is the ancestor of the Rassid Dynasty which held intermittent power in Yemen until 1962.
In that strike 4 children were reported killed .
This to let the world know Saudi Arabia is not just against Shias Muslims, but also Zaidis too, targeting AlHadi antique mosque prove this .

It was on March 20, 2015 , one week before KSA waged war on Yemen, when a suicide bomber failed to bomb this mosque while to twin terrorists attacks in Sana’a killed more than 150  after Friday prayers .

When Saadaa Takfiri terrorist being captured and detonated himself in a prison  about 2 km from Al Hadi  mosque  after being captured by Houthis guarding the mosque during Friday sermon; so Saudi Arabia completed Daesh  mission by air to destroy the vicinity of the shrine  after 50 days.

Naseh  Shakerb – Freelance journalist and translator based in Sana’a, Yemen

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