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Yemeni Zaidi scholars and grandees: Ayatollah Khamenie is the leader of all muslims of the world

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Dr Velayati the General Secratary of the international Islamic awakening association met with some Zaidi scholars and grandees from Yemen on Saturday evening and said: We are aware of your victories and we are very glad about it. Our relation with Houthis go back a long time and we are familiar with the thoughts of Allama Sadru Deen Houthi who is the spritual leader of Ansarollah and the father of the martyr Hossain Houthi and Abdolmalek Houthi who is the leader of Houthis in Yemen.

Dr Velayati added: Ansarollah brought about a transformation in Yemen which is unique in the history of that country. We know that your goals have not been acheived during the past 3 years after the downfall of Abdullah Saleh. The Islamic Republic of Iran is very proud of Ansarollah’s brotherly treatment of other religions and we hope a role like Hezbollah’s in Lebanon is played by Ansarollah in Yemen. Zaidi scholars in this meeting stressed that Ayatollah Khamenie is not just leader of Iran but he is the leader of all the Islamic world.

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