“Yemen’s blood is used as a currency of war,” Yemeni analyst tells SHAFAQNA

SHAFAQNA – Yemen’s blood is being used as a currency of war and political gain! For 19 hard months Yemenis have endured Saudi Arabia’s aggressive bombing campaign … over 25 million people have been starved, deprived of their freedom, negated their sovereign rights … how much longer?

We stood on September 26, the anniversary of Yemen’s independence and yet the world did not hear us. We stood and we pledged our support to our flag, our democracy and our republic and still the world did not see us …

I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t know how to make you understand that Yemen is ours: our land, our future, our democracy … not yours, not that of Saudi Arabia OURS!

But since you do not hear we will say it again and again. We will send messages and we will demonstrate. We will resist and we will persevere … maybe one day you will see Yemen. Maybe one day you will see that our freedoms are your freedoms and our rights are just as sacred as yours.

Maybe one day you will see Yemen and not what you want Yemen to look like.

Maybe one day you will see my ravaged land and feel shame for what you allowed.

Yemen wants peace. Yemen has always wanted peace. Yemen is a peaceful nation.

Still you support Saudi Arabia and keep mum over the many and aggravated war crimes the kingdom has committed against Yemen. you sell them illegal weapons of war and you pretend not to know about their use on my people.

You have profited from our blood and still you argue over responsibility and the burden of proof.

Yemen is your smoking gun. Yemen’s blood is all the proof you can require.

My country suffers under widespread famine, tens of thousands have been injured, over 13,000 have been killed, millions have been displaced … over 25 million risk to die for you are prevented humanitarian aid to reach us.

When will you hear our cries? How many of us will have to die for you to see what your hands bought humanity.

You call some parties among us wicked and illegitimate. Let us call from among us whom we see as illegitimate.

Yemen is ours, not yours, not Saudi Arabia’s.

By Muhammad Humran, a Yemeni geopolitical analyst exclusively for Shafaqna ,




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